Meet Diana Gaffney

I'm Owner and Consultant of DigPop! Digital, offering a variety of client services supporting socially responsible agencies, nonprofits and enterprise partners

Welcome to DigPop! Digital

At DigPop! Digital, I’m your dedicated consultant and project manager. I guide agencies, nonprofits, and enterprise partners through seamless product and service launches. With over two decades of experience as “Air Traffic Controller”, I’m a peacekeeping expert in managing teams under pressure, and excel in Production Management and Operations.

My background

My background spans various industries, including online publishing, web agencies, nonprofits, hospitality, and pharmaceuticals. This cross-sector experience drives my unique perspective and powers business stakeholders towards on-time launches and a strong digital presence.

What I Offer

I partner with you to streamline internal processes and optimize production and output. My approach combines technical aptitude, a holistic approach to issue assessment, and transparent, empathetic communication. By understanding the core purpose driving your initiatives and goals, I clear the way for successful launches and streamlined messaging.

Why Work With Me?

With me, there is no jargon, no overwhelm – you get creative effective solutions and focused, driven efforts that clear away challenges. Ready to have some peace of mind? Let’s get to work!