Testlio offers mobile app testing as a testing-as-a-service-platform from a global resource of QA professionals. This past April Testlio raised $6.25 million in funding in a around led by Altos Ventures and Vertex Ventures. In an interview with TechCrunch, Testlio states:

“We partner closely with some of the most demanding companies in the world,” said Kristel Viidik, CEO of Testlio, who revealed that as the funding hits the bank account, the company is starting to look beyond the world of mobile apps. “We are expanding our service beyond mobile app testing so that we can continue to meet the changing needs of our customers now and in the future.”

For almost a year, we’ve worked with Testlio, testing across a variety of platforms and on behalf of brands including CBS, Cortana and The CW. With a presence in San Francisco and Tallinn, Estonia, Testlio has made a massive impact on the global testing client community.