Dog Lover, Writer and Dog Rescue Volunteer

I’m a senior dog adopter. For the last two and a half years I’ve been a volunteer at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. I work in the vet suite and post a ton of images of our vet suite doggies on my Instagram feed. I also post images of my Labradoodle Cooper. You can read all about him in an article I wrote for Muttville sharing our journey post rescue.

I love quirky memes and heart pang inspiring animal stories. Below is a sample of what we include in our daily updates on the status of our rescue dogs. You may have seen some of these already.


I post on Facebook, no day is ever complete unless there’s something funny and animal related to share.

While the images are not simply dog related I want to show you what I share naturally with my Facebook community and these are the most recent in my feed. There is no shortage of dog posts in my day to day Facebook world.

Call me biased, dog people tend to be pretty awesome. Building a community of dog owners and dog lovers? Priceless. Have a hand to build momentum for your product launch with dog lovers? I’d love to.

The best thing I ever did was adopt my first dog in 2005. I’ve never looked back.


Regarding: In your cover letter as a test, please include a witty/light hearted one line in your own words to the video in the link below:

This is what I’m supposed to referee?

At Muttville we include a dog meme with our daily updates on our rescues, adopted, pending adoption, etc.

Here are a few of the memes we’ve used: